Can you hold a baby and apply makeup?

Getting ready to go out for date night when you have little ones can sometimes be a challenge, right moms? Whether it’s run-of-the-mill stalling from the kindergartener or teething from the baby, something always seems to interfere. And soon, you’re left with almost no time to make yourself feel sexy.

Since I have three kids ranging in ages from 1 to 6, I’ve gotten creative in my makeup routine for nights out with my husband. Here is my five-step tutorial on getting ready to go out on the town (ok, probably just a movie at the local theater, but still) with just one hand, since you’ll obviously be using the other to hold the baby/referee a fight between two kids/feed the dog/insert your struggle here.

Step 1: Primer (<1 minute)

If you haven’t honed your fine motor skills from all the Pinterest crafts you’ve done with the kids, this is the one step you may find difficult. With your thumb and index finger, unscrew the cap from your eye shadow primer. Dab a small amount onto the crease of both lids, and blend into the entire eye area with your makeup brush or fingers.

The primer is what’s going to make your shadow color pop, and more importantly, last throughout the night. I’ve sampled a lot of primers and Too Faced Shadow Insurance is by far the best. Its cost ($20) can be justified by using the trendy and less expensive shadows, since the primer makes it look department store quality!

Step 2: Shadow (4-5 minutes)

Sing “Wheels on the Bus” for the entirety of step two, bouncing the baby up and down when you get to the chorus. You may want to consider singing the “people go up and down” verse more than once to buy you time to finish both eyes.

Using a palette with at least four colors (I love e.l.f.’s), start with sweeping the lightest color over your entire lid. Next, cover the lower lash with the second color, which should be slightly darker than the first. With a windshield wiper motion, put the third color in your crease (which should be slightly darker than the color you just used) and continue going back and forth until it’s blended. Lastly, line your lash line with the darkest color, taking care not to poke your eye with the brush since your child is probably trying to grab it out of your hand by now.

Step 3: Mascara (2 minutes)

With the end of one of your brushes in your mouth (my kids love the big powder brush), tickle your baby’s nose by moving your lips in an up and down fashion. Carefully put the lash curler over your lashes.

Apply one coat of your favorite mascara to your lashes. I love Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real!, since it thickens my lashes without making them look like spider legs. Brush the applicator over the tips of your lashes a few times to elongate them. It’s very important to distract baby in this step, since you need to stay “in the lines”.

Step 4: Foundation and Concealer (2 minutes)

By now your kid is probably getting very antsy, so turn the faucet on. Never underestimate the hypnotizing power of running water on children!

On a flat surface, push two pumps of foundation onto your fingers or brush. In my experience, sponges just soak up the makeup and add an expense to my beauty budget.

Blend the foundation in downwards, toward your jaw line. Smoothing towards your neck will help make streaks less visible, and will flatten the fine, peach fuzz hair on your lower cheeks. Sweep a little past your chin, so that you don’t have a noticeable line.

Next, dab your concealer on any blemishes (I use e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter), and then under your eyes making a triangle shape, and blend. This is going to luminize your eyes and give you full coverage from those dark circles. No one will know the baby kept you up all of last night!

Step 5: Finishing Touches (2 minutes)

You’re almost ready, mom! For this step, turn the baby so that you’re holding him/her on your hip facing outwards. A new vantage point is going to get you to the finish line!

Groomed and filled-in brows are going to frame your face and give you a polished, professional look. Fill in any sparse areas with a dark shadow powder from your palette. Start humming the “A.B.C.’s” or “Uptown Funk.” Those two always please my kids.

Next, apply a long-lasting lip color to your lips. Top off your look by layering your lips with a dewy lipstick or gloss.

Now that your makeup is done, give the kids your iPhone so you can get dressed. Have a great date night, mom!

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