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how to make Probiotic Shampoo

How to Make Probiotic Shampoo

DIY Probiotic Shampoo Recipe We’ve all heard the value of probiotics in our diet, right? YES, it’s true, pre and probiotics are incredible boosters of our health. Science has also found them to be highly beneficial to the skin too. But what you may not know, is that they can also help enhance hair growth…

how to cover eyebrows

How to Block Eyebrows – 5 Techniques

Most Common Ways To Professionally Block Out The BrowsContentsMost Common Ways To Professionally Block Out The Brows1. Soap Scum Method2. Spirit Gum3. Latex4. Liquid Concealer5. Glue Stick method to Hide EyebrowsStep-by-step Guide to Hide EyebrowsDraw New Eyebrows We’ve seen all kinds of posts and videos on how to block out the brows, and some are…

How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup (Step by Step) like a Professional

Applying Makeup like a ProContentsApplying Makeup like a ProFirst Things First: Start with a Clean CanvasHow to Do Light Makeup for a Day OutFacial Features 101Step-By-Step Eye Makeup GuideBeauty Product Recommendations Some women just seem to breeze through life: they always look great and make it seem like it’s easy, too. Well, they’re faking it!…

Better Ways to Fight Germs

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products to Fight Germs

The ability to keep dangerous toxins out of your home is perhaps the most compelling reason to use green cleaners. Many household cleaners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and harsh acids, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We’re spraying, wiping, washing and sanitizing everything these days. So, how can we…

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